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gernerators so any type of ork action hat may stoppage of work would have an effect.morr ttan 100 organizations have urged ppesident obama to order an 88 ddy cooling off period but right now there is no administration will move in thattdirection.losing the ports to a shutdown.. even ffr a few ays.. could cost the economy billions of dollars. 3 a high-stakes meeting will be held in washington today.... betweenn resident obama ad &ptop coonressional leaders. leaders.they've got just 4 days left to reach an aageement... before the u-s economy goes over the poocclled "fiscal cliff." that's when automatic taxx increases and spending cuts would take effect. democrats wann to extend the bush-era tax cuts to everyone except ttose americans making 250- thousand dollars or more a year. but many republicans remain gginst any tax increases. if lawmakers don't peach a deal by january 1st... it could eventually lead to another recession. with all eyes on thh fiscal cliff... there's anothee deadline quickly approochinn that might have consumers concerned... the "milk cliff." it's part o
for this week's take action thursday, teddy the taxman joins us with end of year tax tips.-think about life preparer-gather all your tax -make taxxmoves to reduce 2 taxable income -set a target date to ile and be eady for it after the break, after the break, 3 3ready for it 3 ready for it to file and be --et aatarget date to file aad be ready for it afterrthe break, teddy the your calls about end of year tax tips. if you have a question our phone lines are open now at 410- 481-4545. you can send us a tweet at fox baltimore... or go through our facebookkpage. you're all local.. alllmornnng. ((break 7)) 3 back with teddy the taxman. your alls aboot end of year tax tips ...for our take action thursday. thursdayyiffyou have a question... our phone lines are open now t 410-481-4545. you ccn send us a tweet at fox through our facebook pagg. loria- bowleys quarters puurters michael "i own my own business and i have a full time job. i am saving the maximmm of $17,000 in my 401k and $5,000 in my rrth ira. i want to save more income from my businesss
the new year.. with all the action of aaena ccoss.your chance to win tickets... ii coming up in the next 15're watching fox 44 morning neww.. all local.. all morning. ((brrak 4) "all my life i've known dirt, filth, stealin' and lyin' and lord, the only thing that appeals me these days, as of right now is you." "i hear you now and i can even touch you, because i have your living word here in my hand." "and that's when my life changed." "'old things are passed away and behold all things become new'. and i said, 'lord, that's me!'" 3 ((open)) 3 3 & 3 395 map 3--3 &p there are just hours just hoors left for lawmakers &pto come up with a way to avoi goinn over the fiscal cliff. cliff.lawmakers wwre oo capitol hill sunday... in hopes of avertinn a year-end combination of spending cuts anddtax ncreases that could trigger aanew recession. recession.lawmakers hoping for a fiscal cliff deal to ote on when they return to capitol hiil this morning... won't get senators went home ast night wiihout a final fiscal llff package but negotiations will crowlle says: "eeery indicati
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4